Moneta Markets increases max leverage to 1000:1


Moneta Markets, global Forex and CFD broker, recently announced the increase of its maximum available leverage to 1000:1. Here’s what Founder and CEO David Bily had to say.

The year has just begun, and you seem to have hit the ground running. What spurred the decision to increase the leverage available, and what can we expect from Moneta Markets throughout 2023?

“We are constantly looking to improve and optimise our offering to clients, and following increased demand, and careful assessment from our risk department, the decision was made to make 1000:1 leverage on Forex, Oil, Gold, and Indices products available to clients who wish to make use of it.

“Of course, while leverage can be a great tool for those with experience and solid money management strategies, it can also be a double-edged sword for those who are not as experienced or just starting out. So, the intention is that only clients with the knowledge and understanding of potential implications will make use of the maximum available leverage, should they choose to.”

“We spent the majority of 2022 focussed on improving our product offering in every way we can. We increased the range of products on offer to over 1000, and put a lot of effort into reducing client-side costs, whether through lower spreads, removing swap fees from our gold and products, or completely removing commissions from all our US Share CFDs. And, now that we have increased the available leverage, we feel we are ahead of the pack with our product offering. Of course, it is a neverending process, and we will strive to improve in any way we can, to deliver value to our clients.”

“There is plenty in the pipeline for 2023, but now our priority is the development of our custom mobile trading app for iOS and Android. Since MetaQuotes App was pulled from the Apple Store, it left a gap in what we were able to provide for our clients, and while developing our own app was always on the agenda, the App Store situation has bumped it up the queue in terms of priority. It’s going to be an exciting your for Moneta Markets as we look to really build on the growth we experienced throughout 2022, so stay tuned for much more!”