Kunden von Moneta Markets haben jetzt Zugang zu Swap-freiem Handel.

Swap-freie Handelskonten von Moneta Markets

Die Swap-freien Handelskonten von Moneta Markets stehen Händlern zur Verfügung, die aufgrund religiöser Überzeugungen nicht in der Lage sind, Swaps für ihre Handelspositionen zu erhalten oder zu bezahlen. Anstatt Swaps oder Rollover-Zinsen auf ihre Übernachtpositionen zu zahlen, wird den Kontoinhabern eine tägliche Verwaltungsgebühr berechnet, die vom Saldo ihres Handelskontos abgezogen wird.

Wie Sie ein Swap-freies Konto

  • Eröffnen Sie ein neues Handelskonto bei Moneta Markets und zahlen auf dieses ein

  • Bevor Sie einen Trade platzieren, füllen Sie das Formular für ein Swap-freies Konto aus

  • Sobald Ihr Swap-freies Konto aktiviert ist, loggen Sie sich ein und beginnen Sie mit dem Trading

Swap-free form

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

  • Swap-free Terms and Conditions

    • The client hereby acknowledges and agrees that by submitting a Swap-Free account request that they are doing so in compliance with their religious beliefs. In doing so, they acknowledge that in lieu of being charged ‘swaps’ their account will be charged an ‘administration fee’.
    • While the WebTrader platform will display swap information, the client acknowledges that this is not a fee charged and is strictly for display purposes.
    • Moneta Markets reserves the right to refuse the processing of a request for a Swap-Free account, without obligation to provide justification or explanation.
    • Moneta Markets reserves the right to revoke the Swap-Free status granted to any standard account at any time, at its sole discretion without obligation to provide justification or explanation.
    • Positions held for longer than seven days may be subject to a Swap Charge, from day eight onwards.
    • Clients are not allowed to use Swap-Free trading accounts for the primary purpose of making profit from ‘Swaps’.
    • Clients may not request the payment of any ‘Swap’ amounts that have been lost as a result of converting their standard trading account(s) into one or more Swap-Free account(s) for any such period prior to converting the account to a Swap-Free account(s)
    • In the event that Moneta Markets detects any form of abuse, fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage, or any other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity related to any Swap-Free account of any client, Moneta Markets reserves the right at any time:
    a. With immediate effect, to revoke the Swap-Free status from any and all affected accounts
    b. To correct and recover any un-accrued Swaps and any related interest expenses and or costs pertaining to any and all of the client’s Swap-Free trading account for the period in which accounts were converted to Swap-Free; and/or
    c. To close all trading accounts of the client.
    • The client expressly acknowledges and understands that all positions on the instruments listed in FX, XAU and XAG groups, and commodity CFDs (trading platform time zone) in Swap-Free accounts will not be subject to rollover, interest accruements or storage charges, but instead will be charged an Administration fee that is calculated and applied daily at approximately 00:00 GMT+3 during non-daylight saving time and 00:00 GMT+2 during daylight saving time. The three-day Administration fee for holding a position over the weekend is calculated and applied on Wednesdays for FX and on Fridays for commodities at approximately 00:00 GMT+3 during non-daylight saving time and 00:00 GMT+2 during daylight saving time.

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