Berdagang Emas Dengan pertukaran SIFAR!

Mula berdagang emas pada kos terendah dengan spread ECN

Manfaatkan turun naik Emas tanpa yuran pertukaran dan spread daripada 0.0 pip!

Apabila keadaan pasaran semasa pulih dan mendapat momentum, Moneta Markets kini mengalih keluar semua pertukaran kepada semua produk Emas kami. Kini, bukan sahaja anda boleh berdagang emas dengan spread ECN yang tajam, anda juga membayar yuran pertukaran SIFAR pada dagangan panjang dan pendek anda, supaya anda boleh membeli dan memegang aliran emas seterusnya tanpa sebarang kos!

Berdagang Emas dengan pertukaran SIFAR dan Spread ECN daripada 0.0 pip!

Beralih ke Moneta Markets dan Jimat!

Sertai broker Forex pertama untuk menghapuskan sepenuhnya semua yuran pegangan semalaman (pertukaran) pada instrumen XAUUSD dan XAUAUD merentas kedua-dua akaun Direct STP dan PRIME ECN kami, yang memberikan anda kos dagangan emas terendah dalam industri!

  • Spread ECN daripada 0.0 Pip
  • Leveraj sehingga 500:1 pada Emas
  • 4 Platform dagangan untuk dipilih
  • Alatan dagangan percuma dan video pendidikan

Akses Spread Prime ECN daripada 0.0 pip!

Manfaatkan beberapa kos dagangan terendah dalam industri merentasi 1000+ mata wang, indeks, komoditi, Saham CFD dan banyak lagi dengan spread yang tajam daripada 0.0 pip.

  • Forex
  • Indeks
  • Komoditi
  • Saham CFD
Nama Bida Tawar SPREAD
Nama Bida Tawar SPREAD
NAS 100
Dow Jones 30
Nikkei 225
Euro Stoxx 50
Nama Bida Tawar SPREAD
Nama Bida Tawar SPREAD
  • Zero Swaps Gold Terms and Conditions

    ● All Moneta Gold products (XAUUSD & XAUAUD) can now be traded with ZERO swap fees. This means that clients can hold positions (either long or short) for as long as they would like without incurring any fees. (Note, commission fees still apply for ECN accounts)
    ● This promotion is being trialed over a 90-day period, with the view to extend it indefinitely based on its performance, and retain the right to cancel the promotion at Moneta Markets’ discretion.
    ● This promotion took effect as of May 9th, 2022.
    ● There is no action required by the client in order to participate. The process is entirely automated and applies to any positions that may have been open prior, from yesterday.
    ● Should a client be caught abusing the promotion or engaging in illicit trading activity, as determined by the Risk team, Moneta reserves the right to undertake any of the following:
     ○ Resume the charging of swap fees
     ○ Retroactively collect swaps owed
     ○ Retain profits earned from illicit/abusive trading
     ○ Terminate the client’s account
    ● Though we intend to run the promotion for a minimum of 90 days, we are able to cancel it at our discretion.
    ● This program can be retracted at any time of Moneta Markets’ choosing and account eligibility will be subject to our discretion.
    ● Swap-free accounts are eligible to participate in the Rescue Bonus promotion

  • General Promotion Terms and Conditions

    The following conditions apply to all offers, unless explicitly stated otherwise:
    • Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    • All Moneta Markets offers are only available in accordance with applicable law.
    • Moneta Markets offers are not designed to alter or modify an individual’s risk preference or encourage individuals to trade in a manner inconsistent with their own trading strategies.
    • Clients should ensure that they operate their trading account in a manner consistent with their trading comfort level.
    • New Accounts are subject to approval as per Moneta Markets’ account opening procedure. Individuals who apply for an account must check their local laws and regulations before applying for an account with Moneta Markets.
    • Clients referred by an Introducing Broker, PAMM/MAMM or money manager are not eligible to participate in Moneta Markets offers.
    • Moneta Markets reserves the right to decline any application or indication to participate in any promotion at its sole discretion, without the need to provide any justification or explain the reasons for such a decline.
    • Moneta Markets at its sole discretion can exclude a client from participating in its offers or promotions if it believes of a suspected fraudulent activities or an action by a client is found to in violation of its Accounts Terms and Conditions or the offer/promotion Terms and Conditions. In case of a breach, Moneta Markets reserves the right to deduct any bonus amounts.
    • Moneta Markets may at any time make changes to these terms and conditions and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on Moneta Markets’ website. You are advised to revise these Terms regularly, and by your continued use of Moneta Markets’ website and services that you accept any such modified terms. Moneta Markets reserves the right to modify or cancel any offers at its sole discretion at any time.
    • Moneta Markets may at any time, at its sole discretion, cease or discontinue any of its promotions.
    • All Moneta Markets’ promotions only apply to Moneta Markets standard accounts unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    • Moneta Markets will not be liable for any loss, costs, expense or damage which may be suffered in connection with this offer and which by law may not be excluded by these Terms.
    • If these terms and conditions are translated into a language other than English, then the English version of the terms shall prevail where there is an inconsistency.
    • The provider of this offer is Moneta LLC (Reg. 2052 LLC 2022)
    • Irrespective of the number of trading accounts that a Client may hold with Moneta Markets, the Promotion is applicable for one Account only.

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