Moneta Markets Company, Account,
and Platform FAQs

General Moneta Markets FAQ

  • Who are Moneta Markets?

    Moneta Markets are a regulated CFD broker, providing traders access to the global market through top tier FX liquidity providers. We give clients access to over 300 tradable instruments through our the powerful MT4 and PRO Trader platforms, as well as iOS and Android Apps.

  • What markets can I trade with Moneta Markets

    With Moneta Markets, you can trade over 300 instruments such as Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Share CFDs through the Moneta Markets MT4 and PRO Trader platforms.

  • Is Moneta Markets Regulated?

    Moneta Markets is a trading name of Moneta Markets South Africa (Pty) Ltd, an authorised Financial Service Provider (“FSP”) registered and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (“FSCA”) of South Africa under license number 47490 and located at 1 Hood Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauteng 2196, South Africa.

    Moneta Markets is a trading name of Moneta LLC, registered under Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (“SVGFSA”) with registration number 2052 LLC 2022 and located on First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Are funds in my Moneta Markets trading account safe?

    Moneta Markets is a regulated CFD Broker. Under FSCA and SVGFSA regulation, Moneta Markets assures transparency across all CFD trading operations, with all client funds kept in a segregated account held with an AA rated Global Bank. Moneta Markets are subject to regular third-party auditing.

  • Do you accept clients from the US?

    Due to CFTC regulation, US traders are unable to trade with non-US brokers. Traders from all other countries are welcome to apply.

  • Do Moneta Markets accept clients from all countries and regions?

    While we welcome clients from all over the globe, unfortunately we are unable to service clients from the following countries and regions:
    Afghanistan, American Samoa, Albania, Australia, Belarus, Bermuda, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burma, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, Crimea, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Guam, Iran, Iraq, ISIL (Da’esh) & Al-Qaida & The Taliban, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, Serbia, Sevastopol, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovenia, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, United States of America, United Kingdom, United States Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

  • How can I open a free Moneta Markets demo account?

    To open a Moneta Markets live trading account, click the white ‘Demo’ button at the top right hand corner of every page.

  • How long does a free Moneta Markets demo account last?

    Each Moneta Markets demo account lasts for 30 days before your login will expire. We encourage our new traders to demo trade until they are comfortable with the Moneta Markets MT4 and PRO Trader platforms as well as their own trading strategy.

  • How can I open a live CFD trading account with Moneta Markets?

    To open a Moneta Markets live trading account, click the green ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right hand corner of every page. Complete the application, provide the required documentation for proof of identity and once approved, your new account details will be emailed to you.

  • How long does it take to open a live trading account with Moneta Markets?

    The online application required for a live Moneta Markets trading account is fast and easy to complete and generally takes just a couple of minutes. If your country of residence is eligible for online verification, your account will be opened instantly, and you can deposit funds to start trading. If you are required to manually submit the accompanying required proof of identity documentation, your account will generally be set up for funding and live trading within 24 hours.

  • What documentation do I have to provide to open a live Forex trading account with Moneta Markets?

    To open a live CFD trading account, Moneta Markets’ AML and CTFA regulations require 100 points of proof of identity documentation to be submitted alongside your application. Using a smartphone, digital camera or scanner, simply upload a clear picture of the required documents or email them to [email protected]. Please note that you will still be required to submit your Proof of Address documentation prior to any withdrawal requests.

    Proof of ID specifications
    Please send a colour copy of one of the documents outlined below, ensuring that the entire document is contained in the copy and is clearly legible:
    · A valid international passport (showing the signature page); or
    · A valid Driver’s Licence (showing the photograph side); or
    · A Government issued National Identity Card.

    Proof of Address specifications
    Please also send a copy of one of the following documents, ensuring that the entire document is contained in the copy and is clearly legible:
    · A utility bill received within the previous 3 months. E.g. gas, electricity, water, rates that contains the applicant’s name and residential address; or
    · A credit card statement or bank statement received within the previous 3 months (no online print-offs).

  • Does a live CFD trading account with Moneta Markets cost anything?

    There are ZERO account opening or maintenance fees on all Moneta Markets live CFD trading accounts. This ensures that you can fund and trade your capital at your own pace with no pressure from Moneta Markets.

  • How can I deposit funds into my Moneta Markets trading account?

    Moneta Markets clients can fund their account in a number of ways from within the Moneta Markets Client Portal.

    Simply log in to your Client Portal, Click “Funds” - “Deposit” on the left side menu and choose your preferred funding method.

  • What is the minimum deposit needed to open a Moneta Markets live CFD trading account?

    Moneta Markets can accept deposits from $50 using Bank Wire and Credit/Debit Card. Just remember that you can open and keep a live CFD trading account with a $0 balance.

    Please note: Some deposit methods have a higher minimum deposit requirement.

  • How can I withdraw funds from my Moneta Markets trading account?

    Once your Proof of Address documentation is verified, Moneta Markets clients can withdraw funds directly from the Moneta Markets Client Portal.

    Simply log in to your Client Portal, Click “Funds” - “Withdraw Funds” on the left side menu and choose your desired method.

    Please note: 1. Due to AML / CTF laws, Moneta Markets cannot deposit funds to third parties. All money withdrawn from your account must go to a bank account in the same name as your Moneta Markets trading account.
    2. Bank wire withdrawal requests must be verified for safety and security by the provision of a bank statement; which includes account holder information and bank details.

  • How long does it take to deposit/withdraw funds?

    Deposit requests received prior to 19:00 EAST will be processed that same day. Requests received after 19:00 AEST will be processed on the next business day.

    Withdrawal requests are instantly reflected in your trading account balance, and you will receive the funds in your verified bank account according to the processing times of your specific banking institution.

    If you need to cancel the withdrawal after the automatic deduction, you can use the self-cancellation feature in your client portal. If the withdrawal has already been processed, simply contact support to advise you'd like to cancel the request.

  • Does Moneta Markets charge any fees on deposits/withdrawals?

    Moneta Markets does not charge any internal fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, please note payments to and from overseas banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees from either party which are independent of Moneta Markets.

  • What if I’ve forgotten my password?

    From, select “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the login form, enter your email address, and click “Submit”. You will receive an email containing your new password shortly after.

  • What is the maximum leverage I can get on a Moneta Markets live trading account?

    Moneta Markets’ standard Forex leverage starts at 1000:1 for FX pairs.

    The maximum leverage Moneta Markets may offer is up to 1000:1 for FX, however you can reduce this to suit your risk appetite and trading strategy.

    To view the maximum leverage for other Moneta Markets asset classes, please click here.

  • Can I change my leverage on my Moneta Markets trading account?

    To submit a leverage change request, simply click here and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

  • When will I receive Account Statements?

    To view MT4 or MT5 trade history, log in to your platform and select the ‘terminal’ window where you would normally see your account balance. Choose the ‘account history’ tab at the bottom. Right-click to choose custom dates, and export the report to your computer if needed.

  • What is the level my account must reach to be stopped out via margin call?

    Moneta Markets will alert you via email when the ‘Margin Level’ reaches 80%. From here, we will email you on the deposit requirements needed to keep your position open. If your Margin Level drops to 50%, then your position will be automatically closed via a margin call.

  • Can I go long and short the same market, at the same time? (Can I hedge?)

    Holding both an open long and short position in the same Forex currency pair at the same time (otherwise known as hedging) is permitted on all Moneta Markets trading accounts.

  • Does Moneta Markets accept funds from third parties?

    No. Moneta Markets does not accept funds from or send funds to third parties.

  • How do I find the latest swap rates on Moneta Markets MT4 platform?

    MT4 swap rates can be accessed through the Market Watch tab (Ctrl+M). Right-click the financial instrument of interest, and select “Specifications”. From here you will be able to view the long and short swap rates.

  • Why do I get charged a higher swap rate on FX positions on a Wednesday?

    This is because a swap involves pushing back the value date on the underlying futures contract and on Wednesday this date changes from Friday to Monday. Swap is therefore charged for the extra 2 weekend days.

  • Can I open multiple trading accounts?

    If you are an existing client and wish to create an additional account, log in to the Client Portal, select "Accounts", and choose ‘Demo’ or 'Live' – ‘Open an Account’.

  • Do you offer Negative Balance Protection

    As a transparent, regulated broker we have policies and procedures in place to protect our clients during potential ‘black swan’ events, we have policies in place that will cover your negative equity level, restoring your account to a neutral balance.

    Should an event transpire which results in a client’s trading account falling into a negative balance, we will be in touch to communicate that we will be restoring your account to a neutral balance, after which you are welcome to redeposit funds and resume trading as per usual
    We understand that these rare events can cause significant stress, which is why we have these policies in place. Once we have restored your trading account to a neutral balance, you are welcome to redeposit funds and resume trading as per usual.

    Please note: Should it be determined that a negative balance is the result of trading abuse, such as but not limited to excessive leverage or position size, Moneta Markets’ will evaluate whether the account qualifies to have the balance restored to neutral.

  • Can I Open a Company Account with Moneta Markets?

    Yes, if you wish to open a Company Account please do so by clicking here

  • How Can I Manage Multiple Trading Accounts?

    Traders can manage multiple MT4 accounts using MultiTerminal for MT4. Find out more about how to manage multiple trading accounts here.

  • How can I reach out to Moneta Markets if I have a dispute or complaint to raise?

    If you would like to raise a dispute or complaint, please email us at [email protected]. To help us investigate and resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and with minimum inconvenience to you, please ensure that you provide as much information as possible in your email, including:

    1.Your name, date of birth and address
    2.Your trading account number and order number(s)
    3.A clear description of your complaint
    4.Details of what you would like us to do to put it right
    5.Copies of any relevant documents, such as letters, screenshot, trading statements, etc.
    6.Phone number where we can contact you


  • What platforms can I trade Forex on with Moneta Markets?

    Under Moneta Markets’s partnership with MetaQuotes, Moneta Markets offers Forex, Commodities, Indices and Share CFDs on the industry-leading MetaTrader 4 and PRO Trader platforms.

    Moneta Markets clients can enjoy seamless integration between all trading platforms, whether they prefer to trade using the powerful MT4 platform and mobile apps, or the Moneta Markets web-based PRO Trader platform.

  • How do I download the MetaQuotes platforms?

    You can download your MT4 platform here or MT5 platform here

  • How do I change my MT4 password?

    To change your MT4 password, log in to your client portal, go to “Manage Accounts”, select “Change” on the trading account you wish to change, enter and confirm your new password, and save changes.

  • Can I access my Moneta Markets trading account on my mobile phone?

    Moneta Markets offers its traders the official MT4 mobile applications, allowing you to trade anywhere, anytime. These applications are available across all mobile platforms including both Apple and Android.

    To access the MT4 mobile platforms, log into your client portal and select “MT4 download” and choose the correct app for your device. Once the application is downloaded and opened, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to ‘Settings’.
    2. Click on 'Manage Accounts' or 'Settings'.
    3. Then click on the small plus sign or select 'New Account'.
    4. Then select 'Log in to an existing account'.
    5. Search for the broker name
    6. Select the server your account was set up on
    7. Enter your login credentials and password
    8. Click on 'Sign In'

  • Where do I get my log in details for my MT4 account?

    Your MetaTrader 4 login information, including your account number, password, and Moneta Markets server were emailed to you when you opened your trading account.

  • How do I log in to my MT4 trading account?

    In order for you to log in to your MT4 trading account, you will need your account number and password. These details were sent to you when you first opened your account. Select 'File' then 'Log in to Trade Account'. A login box will then appear in which you will be able to enter your account number, password and select the relevant server.

    When typing your password, you should ensure that it is entered correctly. If you are copying and pasting, make sure not to copy any extra spaces over. You should also ensure that you select the server name mentioned in the email containing your login details. If you cannot see the server in the drop-down list, simply rescan the servers on your platform and select the correct server to ‘Login’. You will see your connection status update in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform. If the connection’s status shows ‘invalid account’, make sure your password was entered correctly. If it shows ‘no connection’, double-check that the server address was entered correctly.

  • How do I open an MT4 Account

    There are two ways to open an MT4 Account. When you are first opening a live account you will be able to select the platform of your choice, MT4 ECN, MT4 STP.

    Alternatively, if you already have a live account, you can choose to open an additional MT4 ECN, MT4 STP, MT5 ECN or MT5 STP.

  • What do I do if I see the message ‘trade context is busy’?

    When trading using MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and the ‘Trade Context is Busy’ message appears, it generally means that the platform is trying to process two (or multiple) orders at the same time.

    To resolve this issue, simply close and reload your MT4 trading platform.

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